Necessary Mug Shot

Necessary Mug Shot


I am first a baptized child of God. This is my identity in which I live out my various callings in life.

I'm a husband of a beautiful wife who continues to show an enormous amount of grace and patience. I'm a father of two very energetic boys. I'm a pastor of two great congregations: St. Paul Lutheran Church and Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church in Blue Earth, MN.

I have an interest in music, have sung in traveling choirs at Concordia University Wisconsin and Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. This gave me the chance to see much of our nation as well as travel to Brazil. My musical interest ranges from classical music to punk rock to old school hip hop to classic rock.

I love studying history and find its lessons important to learn.
I am a home brewer. It is a great hobby and I love to share its fruit.

Here you will find my musings on these and various and sundry topics. This is my little corner of the web. Thank you for stopping by.